About Us

Welcome to Hibaba Foods – Your Trusted Partner in Baking Excellence

Established in 2009, Hibaba Foods has emerged as a pioneering force in the culinary landscape, specializing in the manufacturing, supply, import, and export of premium food and bakery ingredients. Our registered brand, Maymill, epitomizes our commitment to innovation and quality, reflecting a journey that has redefined baking experiences.

Our Journey and Commitment

With a humble beginning in 2009, Hibaba Foods has grown into a dynamic industry leader, embodying the core values of quality, innovation, and customer-centricity. The birth of Maymill marked a significant milestone, embodying a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the intricate needs of modern bakeries and roller flourmills.

Diverse Portfolio of Food and Bakery Ingredients

At Hibaba Foods, our offerings encompass a wide spectrum of food additives and baking essentials, including flour improvers, bread improvers, rusk improvers, vital wheat gluten, atta softeners, chapati improvers, and more. Our products are crafted with precision, enabling businesses to achieve consistency, elevate quality, and amplify taste in every culinary creation.

Dedicated to B2B Excellence

With an unwavering focus on B2B partnerships, Hibaba Foods is dedicated to empowering roller flourmills and bakeries with top-tier ingredients. We understand the unique demands of these industries and tailor our solutions to cater to their specific requirements. Our commitment to nurturing lasting relationships sets us apart as a trusted ally in their growth journey.

Quality at the Core of Our Baking Ingredients

Quality is our hallmark. Every Maymill product reflects our dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and employing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our offerings enhance the efficiency and success of our clients’ baking operations.

Elevate Your Baking with Maymill

As a brand that resonates with innovation and reliability, Maymill is your partner in elevating baking experiences. Whether you’re seeking to improve flour quality, enhance bread texture, or perfect rusk crispness, Maymill offers solutions that transform ordinary creations into extraordinary delights.

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